As a victim of crime you may be experiencing some emotional discomfort or confusion concerning the criminal justice process.  The Victim Assistance Program of the Twelfth Judicial District offers assistance with any problems you may be experiencing as a victim/witness of crime.
We can assist with information regarding your case, referrals to community agencies, help with victim compensation claims, restitution, support with law enforcement/court process, or be available to speak with you regarding your feelings and concerns.
If you are a victim of crime as stated in C.R.S. 24-4.1-302(1)(a)-(hh), you have the constitutional right to be informed of certain information and court dates.  C.R.S. 24-4.1-302(1)(a)-(cc) indicates that victims of the following crimes are afforded constitutional rights:
Murder, Manslaughter and Homicide
Vehicular Assault
Vehicular Homicide
Sexual Assault (Adult or Child Victim)
Sexual Exploitation of Children
Violation of Protection Order-Sexual Assault case
Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Crimes Against At Risk Adults or At Risk Juveniles
Careless Driving Resulting in the Death of Another Person
Ethnic Intimidation
Retaliation, Intimidation or Tampering of a Victim/Witness
Indecent Exposure
Trafficking in Adults
First Degree Burglary
Retaliation Against a Judge or Juror
Any attempt, conspiracy, solicitation or accessory of the above listed crimes.
To be treated with fairness, respect and dignity and to have a swift and fair resolution of your case.
To be informed of and present for all critical stages of the Criminal Justice process.
To be present and heard in court for any bond reduction, reduction of charges, disposition, sentencing or continuances.
To have a safe waiting area before court.
To talk with a Deputy District Attorney before the case is resolved or goes to trial and to be informed of how it is resolved.
To prepare a Victim Impact Statement and to be present at sentencing.
To have restitution ordered.
To pursue a civil judgement against anyone who has committed a crime against you. 
To be informed of post conviction release or modification hearings.
To get your property back quickly after it is no longer needed for the prosecution .
To be free of intimidation, harassment or abuse.
To be informed of the satus of the case and any scheduling changes or cancellations, if known in advance.
To be informed of Victim Compensation.
To be informed of the availablity of financial assistance.
Upon request, to be informed when a person accused or convicted of a crime is released from custody, is paroled, escapes or absconds.
Upon written request to be informed of and heard at any reconsideration of sentence.
To be informed of the process for enforcing complaints with victim's rights.
To be informed of the results of any HIV testing that is ordered and performed.
To be given appropriate employer intercession services regarding continued appearances and meetings with Criminal Justice Officials.
To view, at the discretion of the District Attorney, all or a portion of the presentence report from the Probation Department.
Cases are often resolved without the victim's testimony.
You may get a subpoena to testify, if this happens call the Victim Assistance Program and someone will talk with you about what may happen in Court.
You should not be fired or disciplined for coming to Court or being involved with the Prosecution of your case.  We can talk with your employer or school official about your appearances in Court.
You can see the Courtroom before your scheduled court date.
If you have to testify, a separate waiting area will be provided so the defendant will not have contact with you.
There can be a condition on the defendant's bond that he/she cannot have any contact with you.  If this condition is violated, call your local Law Enforcement agency and the Victim Advocate assigned to your case. 
If you have any questions or concerns regarding security, please call the Victim Advocate.
For more information regarding protection orders, please contact your local Courthouse and/or the Victim Assistance Program.
     Alamosa County Courthouse
     702 4th Street
      Alamosa, CO  81101
      Phone:  (719)589-4996
Saguache County Courthouse
501 Christy Ave., PO Box 197
Saguache, CO  81149
Phone:  (719)655-2522

Mineral County Courthouse
1201 North Main
PO Box 337
Creede, CO  81130
Phone:  (719) 658-2575
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